5 habits that will make your relationship better

1. Spooooning!

All us ladies love cuddling. Here is more reason to do it often. It helps strength relationships and relieves you of stress. Some studies have shown that it eases pain and improves immunity. So let’s start cuddling ladies!

gif cuddlinh

 2. Random surprises.

While the great romantic gestures are nice small acts of love and affection makes for a stronger and happier relationship. It makes life interesting and your love stronger.

3. Having sex once a week

It’s there in the name, “MAKING LOVE”. Having sex once a week makes you grow fonder for each other. Then there are the other obvious reasons, it makes you more confident, it’s a great stress buster, it makes you feel younger and sexy. What more do we want ladies, turn on the sexy mode.

gif sex

4. The benefit of the doubt.

Believing your partner has the best interest for you is key to a strong and healthy relationship. Reading too much into small situations will lead to frustration and tension among you both. He might have genuinely forgotten to pick up milk on his way. choosing your fights and trusting your partner is crucial for a happy relationship

5. Compliments

Don’t we love to hear good compliments? He loves them too. Giving genuine compliments will make his day. He probably cannot stop smiling all day thinking about what you said. It will make his day a whole lot better.

Gifs: Giphy


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